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Multicultural Student Council

Purpose Statement

"The Multicultural Student Council (MSC) serves to promote and celebrate intercultural enrichment and diversity at Salt Lake Community College. Led by a group of multicultural students, the MSC strives to strengthen student involvement by encouraging the use of the students' voice to improve the quality of their educational and academic experience regarding college issues. By participating as leaders in the MSC, students learn to identify and advocate for those needs expressed by multicultural students, especially student of underrepresented populations, while also finding resolutions and resources to address specific cultural needs".


Alisi Niupalau | | (801) 957-4559

Spring 2024 MSC Open House


Multicultural Student Council

place Taylorsville Redwood Campus | Student Center 1st Floor Room 101 W&V | 4600 Redwood Road
Wednesdays 10 a.m.-11 a.m.


Filimone "Mone" Langi

Filimone "Mone" Langi is a first-generational Tongan American, non-traditional college student. Born and raised in West Valley, Utah, he studies Visual Arts and Design and hopes to become a world-class Graphic Designer! Mone's parents took a chance to immigrate from the Kingdom of Tonga to America to give better opportunities to their children, which motivates Mone to succeed. Mone is rooted in his community and culture and enjoys learning about other cultures and identities. He serves as the Chair of the ODMA Multicultural Student Council and advocates for Pacific Islander/Pasifika students and Students with Disabilities. Mone hopes his experiences will be an example of wisdom, resilience, influence, and safety and make an impact in the classroom, on campus, and in the community.


Philipe Garcia

Philipe Garcia is a first-generation college student. Born and raised in Utah, Philipe is half Navajo and half Mexican, and is excited to represent Native American/Indigenous and International students on the ODMA Multicultural Student Council. Philipe wants to provide guidance for all students who might face difficulties in school and hopes to bring cultural awareness to the SLCC campus. As Philipe studies Business, he hopes to own his own company one day. In his free time, Philipe enjoys ceramics and playing tennis.


Mateo Martinez

Mateo Martinez is a first-generation Chicano college student at Salt Lake Community College. Born and raised in Glendale, Mateo is working on his Associate Degree of Science in Psychology. Mateo plans to one day obtain two Ph.D.'s in this field. He hopes to become a professor of psychology and conduct his own research; contributing to the lack of cultural focus and incorporation in psychological studies. Mateo currently serves on the Multicultural Student Council over the Latino/a/x and Hispanic communities. During his free time, Mateo loves to be among the trees or nature. Whether hiking, biking, driving through the canyons, or walking through a park, anywhere alongside nature is a relaxing time.


Rumaisa "Rumi" Mughal

Rumaisa Mughal, also known as Rumi, is originally from Pakistan. Rumi is an international student pursuing Computer Science and Information Technology at SLCC. She serves as the Multicultural Student Council (MSC) member for Asian/Asian American students and extends her support to international students and veterans. Drawing from her personal experiences as an international student and former exchange student, Rumi dedicates her time to fostering a sense of belonging and integration within the campus community.