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Equity Compass

The following is a tool that we would like to utilize throughout the college to guide the work that we are doing and support our work of increasing EDI work at the college. The goal is to make this an inclusive review process, and to build a culture of asking questions to build equitable and inclusive approaches to our work. Over the next year we will be getting feedback throughout the SLCC internal community.


A star with five points, titled "SLCC Equity Compass: How to center equity & inclusion in your work at SLCC". The points are labelled: "Assess: How does this further our plan for equity and inclusion?" "Examine Data: How can data be used to tell the whole story?" "Engage Plan: What is the plan to ensure equitable participation?" "Implement: What implementation plan would increase equity and inclusion?" "Measure: What steps were taken to create equitable outcomes?"

Review the SLCC Equity Compass Draft