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Return on Investment

SLCC Education Pays Off

SLCC is a comprehensive community college. It works as an educational collaborator—with a unique mission to be a bridge between high schools and Utah’s four-year and research universities. The College also links students and their training to the needs of our community’s employers.

SLCC produces significant numbers of Utah’s trained workforce. These employees pay taxes that elevate Utah’s economy and quality of life.

SLCC Students Benefit from SLCC Education

  • SLCC tops the U.S. list for two-year associate degrees granted annually
  • More than half of SLCC’s 45,000 students are bound for a four-year university
  • Associate degree graduates increase lifetime earnings potential by $400,000
  • Students recover educational investment costs in 7 years
  • Students’ return on investment (ROI) averages a hefty 21%

Utah Benefits from Investment in SLCC

  • Every dollar invested by state and local government results in a $4.30 cumulative return
  • 85% of graduates stay in Utah
  • State and local government will realize a 15% rate of return on their SLCC investment which compares favorably with private sector rates of return on similar long-term investments