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Our programs are designed to prepare you to transfer to a four-year school, or to obtain employment or specialized training to enhance your career skills.

Associate of Science (AS) and Associate of Arts (A.A.)

Our AA and AS degrees let you transfer to any of the four-year schools in Utah’s public higher-education system as well as Brigham Young University and Westminster College. The AA and AS degrees also provide some pre-major coursework. Review our Catalog or talk with an adviser for more information.

You must complete 61 credits to earn an AA or AS degree, including a minimum of 34 credits in General Education and 27 credits that may be taken in a variety of subject areas, or in a specific subject area to prepare for a particular major.

AA degrees require you to take foreign language courses and AS degrees do not.

Associate of Pre-Engineering (A.P.E.)

Our APE degree provides specialized course work to prepare you to transfer into engineering majors at any of the four-year schools in Utah’s public higher-education system or BYU. In some cases, you must select specific SLCC courses, depending on where you intend to transfer.

You must take 66-79 credit hours to earn an APE degree. That includes 47-57 credit hours of specialized course work and 19-22 credit hours of General Education requirements. See engineering programs in the Catalog for specific program requirements or contact an adviser.

Since you won’t fully complete General Education requirements in the APE degree program at SLCC, you’ll need to satisfy your remaining General Education requirements at the transfer school.

Completing an AS degree or AA degree or APE degree at SLCC does not guarantee you’ll be accepted into a specific major at other colleges and universities. Some four-year programs require a special application, and may take into account your GPA at SLCC.

Associate of Applied Science (A.A.S.)

Earning an AAS degree prepares you for an entry-level career. In addition, many AAS credits will transfer to other schools toward bachelor’s programs. AAS degrees are awarded in specific program areas, for example, an AAS in Accounting, or AAS in Welding. You also can earn an AAS degree with an emphasis in a specific subject area. Check with your academic department’s coordinator or academic advisers for more details.

To earn an AAS, you must complete 63-69 credit hours, including a minimum of 14 credits of General Education (11-14 credits in core academic skills and 3-6 credits in Distribution courses). Learn more about General Education requirements and Distribution courses under Degrees and General Education Requirements in the SLCC Catalog.


Certificate of Completion (C.C.)

A one-year program designed for entry-level employment or continued study toward an associate degree. You must take a sequence of courses totaling 30-33 credit hours or 900-990 clock hours to earn this certificate. CCs are awarded by the college’s seven Schools.

Certificate of Proficiency (C.P.)

A short-term program (about one semester) focused on gaining specific skills. You must take a sequence of courses totaling 16-29 credit hours or 600-899 clock hours. CPs are awarded by college departments, divisions, and from the college’s seven Schools.

Certificate of Achievement (C.A.)

A short-term program designed to meet immediate workforce training or community education needs. This certificate is awarded by college departments.


DIplomas are awarded by various schools within Salt Lake Community College. They are comparatively short-term and require approximately 40-62 credit hours.

Note: Each of the definitions includes the applicable Board of Regents Policy 401 definition.