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Web Developer/Programmer Resources

Coding Techniques and Examples

Web Forms

Here are several trustworthy resources to to help you understand how to build accessible forms:


The W3C has a great table tutorial with examples ranging from simple to complex.

Page Structure

The W3C has a great page structure tutorial with many examples.

CSS: Using Colors

24 Ways has a great article on color accessibility.

Some major points to consider about color accessibility are:

  • Don't ever convey information using color alone (also add text or patterns)
  • Be aware of minimum color contrast requirements (red/#FF0000 on white/#FFFFFF is a common pitfall that does not have sufficient contrast)

Hiding Content

WebAIM has a great article on using CSS to hide content accessibly. 

JQuery Plugins

Many developers like to use jQuery UI or other plugins in their code, but you should be aware of the accessibility implications associated with jQuery UI. As a web developer, it is your responsibility to check the plugins you use for their compliance with WCAG 2.0 AA standards and search for alternatives if not. AOL has published some accessible alternatives.


ARIA is technically part of the HTML markup, but it becomes most relevant when using JavaScript to build advanced plugins and controls.

great introduction to ARIA is available on SitePoint, while a more in-depth guide is available on the Mozilla Developer Network page on ARIA.