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Employee Organizations


    Every employee is recognized to have the right to join, or to refuse to join, an employee organization. College administrators and supervisors may not intentionally reward, penalize, threaten or promise either to reward or penalize, an employee for joining or refusing to join an employee organization.




    See Human Resources Definitions.

    1. Employee Organizations

      Every employee is recognized to have the right to join, or refuse to join an employee organization.

      1. College administrators may meet and confer on matters of college business with one representative group of each of the two employee organizations (Faculty Association and Staff Association) if the group has a simple majority of the eligible/total membership in the organization.
      2. A college administrator, supervisor, or employee enjoys the right of freedom of expression upon the college campuses, and thus is free to express personal opinions and views regarding employee organizations provided the expression:
        1. is not accompanied by and does not use or imply the use of any form of intimidation, coercion, or inducement to secure assent to the personal views expressed; and
        2. does not include or imply that the person represents or is authorized to express views for or on behalf of the college or any officer of the college unless authorized to do so.
      3. A deliberate violation of the requirements of this rule, or a deliberate misrepresentation of facts with the intent to discredit the college may be treated as misconduct on the part of any college officer or employee.
    2. Organizational Activities
      1. College facilities and services are available to an employee organization and its members and guests, to the same extent and upon the same impartial terms and conditions as they are available to other college organizations, subject to applicable scheduling requirements. However, the college may choose to withdraw the use of facilities and services to any organization at any time.

        In accordance with this policy, college supervisors are expected to assure compliance with the following requirements:
        1. An employee organization and its members are subject to all college policies, as applicable.
        2. Use of college facilities and meeting rooms for meeting of an employee organization will be permitted on a non-preferential basis consistent with the general college policies. Such meetings should not be scheduled for times or in locations that will interfere with or disrupt normal instructional or working arrangements. This includes the participation of persons invited or expected to attend or other persons who may be affected.
        3. College services and facilities may be made available to the employee groups representing a simple majority of the respective employee organizations, i.e., faculty, professional, or classified staff. However, college bulletin boards, services, equipment, or materials and supplies, including campus mail services, reproduction equipment, printing facilities, telephones, vehicles, stationery and other office supplies, are not to be used for the private purposes or for the benefit of an employee organization or its members, except to the extent that general college policies permit such use.
        4. A college employee organization is discouraged from soliciting memberships, dues, contributions in any manner that would disrupt normal work schedules.
        5. By written request to the college Payroll office, an employee may arrange to have dues to an employee organization withheld from paychecks, on an authorized payroll deduction basis, in accordance with and subject to uniform college policies and practices applicable thereto.

Date of last cabinet review: October 18, 2016

The originator of this policy & procedure is Human Resources. Questions regarding this policy may be directed to the originator by calling 801-957-4210