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Policy Development

To start development on a new policy/procedure or initiate a policy/procedure review, Policy Originators, or owners, must submit a request using the Policy Development Request Form. The President's Cabinet will not consider policies developed outside of the new procedure parameters for approval. 

The Policy Coordinator creates and maintains a centralized Microsoft Teams site for the policy drafters and assists the policy drafters in completing the review up until publication.

The Policy Development Process flowchart below outlines each step for policy development as established by the Policy Development Policy, the President's Cabinet, and the Policy Coordinator. A printer-friendly accessible version of the flowchart and a more detailed outline of the Policy Development Process steps are available.



  • The policy originator is assigned to draft, develop, and maintain a policy or procedure.
  • The policy sponsor is a member of the President’s Cabinet who guides the policy or procedure through the various levels of approval.
  • The policy office is the college department offering guidance to originators, sponsors, and others and is responsible for coordinating the review and revision of policies and procedures.
  • The policy coordinator is the person in the policy office who provides guidance, coordinates the development and review processes, and manages the website.