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Advertising and Posting


    It is the policy of Salt Lake Community College to provide space for the fair and equitable communication of information regarding programs, events, and services that are of interest to the college community and that promote the college's mission. Further, it is SLCC's policy that such communications are in keeping with environmentally sound, safe, and orderly campuses and do not damage buildings or create clutter.

    This policy is not intended to apply to official college postings. The college may advertise or post materials at its discretion when the materials enhance the operations of the college or are in connection with official college business, activities, and events.

    1. Campus Free Expression Act, C.A. § 53B-27-201.
    2. Free Expression on Campus, Utah Administrative Code R784-2.
    1. Advertisement: The dissemination of information about a service, product, or program, through print, electronic, broadcast, or any other form of communication.
    2. Approval Locations: Designated college locations responsible for approval and stamping of advertisements and posted material.
    3. College Community: College faculty, staff, trustees, students, registered student organizations, college organizations, board members of college entities, and persons who use college facilities or provides services to college facilities.
    4. Commercial Materials: Materials intended in whole or in part for the financial profit of a person, organization, or institution.
    5. Entity: Any group or person, regardless of their affiliation with the college community, seeking to post any materials or advertisement on college For this policy, a student organization is considered an entity.
    6. Free-Standing Signage: Nonpermanent displays including signage erected on an A-frame, retractable banner stand, easel, arrow signs, brochure stand, or brochure table.
    7. Official College Postings: Any material or advertisement directly related to a college event, activity, operation, or function.
    8. Posted Materials: Any printed, written, painted, photographic, or other display conveying an idea that is produced or reproduced and is affixed or displayed in or on any college building or property.
    9. Posting: Attaching, hanging, or displaying material on property owned or controlled by SLCC.
    10. Student Organizations: A group of SLCC students who are established and organized for religious, political, educational, economic, social, or another lawful purpose which is registered, approved and compliant with the college's Thayne Center office requirements.
    1. Approval of Postings on SLCC's Campuses
      1. All posting and distribution of materials on college campuses shall adhere to the Campus Speech Policy.
      2. Any legal issues related to the posting and distribution of materials should be reviewed by the college's legal office.
      3. Any advertisement or posted material, indoor or outdoor, at any college facility requires approval from the following designated locations:
        1. Taylorsville Redwood Campus-Thayne Center Office
        2. South City Campus-Student Services & Information Desk
        3. Jordan Campus-Student Services & Information Desk
        4. Miller Campus-Student Services & Information Desk
        5. Westpointe Campus-Student Services & Information Desk
        6. Herriman Campus Student Services & Information Desk
        7. Library Square-Student Services & Information Desk
        8. West Valley Center-Student Services & Information Desk
    2. Obtaining Prior Approval to Post Materials
      1. All materials to be displayed, including freestanding signage, must be approved before posting or advertising.
      2. Materials may not be disapproved due to the content unless the posting or advertisement contains defamatory, obscene, or other unlawful expressions. Such materials containing possible unlawful expression must be reviewed by the college legal office before a posting determination is made.
      3. Prior approval is indicated by a college date stamp on the materials.
      4. Materials without a date stamp may not be posted.
      5. Once posting approval has been received, materials must only be posted in authorized locations.
    3. Length of Posting and Removal
      1. Posted materials may be posted for up to 14 calendar days and must be removed within 24 hours or the next business day after the event or date stamp expires.
      2. Approval may be granted to post materials for a period longer than described herein, where there is a sufficient rationale for the posted materials to remain in place for a longer period.
      3. Decisions to prohibit extended periods may not be based on the content of the posted material but may be based on reasonable time, place, and manner restrictions.
    4. Requirements for Advertisements or Posted Materials
      1. General Requirements for Postings at all SLCC locations:
        1. A posting or advertisement must clearly identify the sponsoring entity on the advertisement or posting.
        2. A visible expiration date shall be stamped by the college on all posted materials.
        3. Posted materials shall be affixed in designated locations in a manner appropriate to the display space.
        4. Duplicate postings on the same board or in the same designated area are not allowed and may be removed.
        5. Advertised or posted materials must not:
          1. interfere with classes or scheduled meetings;
          2. damage college property;
          3. create litter or clutter on college property;
          4. block doorway glass;
          5. obstruct normal pedestrian or vehicular traffic; or
          6. when posting on fence lines or campus entry or exit points to college property may not block or obstruct line-of-sight for drivers or pedestrians.
        6. Due to limited available designated posting and advertising space, the size of a particular posted material or advertisement and the number of posted materials or advertisements permitted may be limited, taking into consideration the aggregate number of signs requested by all posters.
        7. All advertised and posted materials must comply with applicable laws, including laws protecting intellectual property such as copyrights and trademarks.
      2. Indoor Posting Requirements for all Buildings on all Campuses
        1. After approval, an entity may post non-commercial materials on indoor bulletin boards kiosks, tack strips, plastic sign holders, or other areas specifically designated for such usage.
        2. Except for designated locations, no advertised or posted materials are allowed on any wall, door, floor, mirror, side-light, or window.
        3. Helium balloons are not allowed in many college buildings, due to beam detector fire alarms that can be set off by an errant or straying balloon. These prohibited building locations are:
          1. Taylorsville Redwood Campus: Lifetime Activities Center, Science and Industry Building, and the Student Center;
          2. South City Campus: Main Building, Center for Arts and Media, and Innovations High School;
          3. Jordan Campus: Health Sciences Building and the High-Tech Center; and
          4. Miller Campus: Miller Automotive Trades
      3. Outdoor Posting Requirements for all Campuses
        1. After approval, an entity may post non-commercial materials on outdoor bulletin boards, kiosks, display racks, or other areas designated for such usage provided that easily removed painter's tape is used to affix the advertisement or posted material. These other areas are as follows:
          1. lamp posts;
          2. fences-signs must be lightweight and not larger than 4 feet by 8 feet;
          3. garbage Cans;
          4. recycling Bins;
          5. within tree rings and shrub bed;
          6. grass and lawn areas subject to the requirements outlined in section IV.D.3.d of this policy and procedures; and
          7. freestanding signage (e.g., a-frame or portable upright signs) must be placed in an approved location.
        2. Materials or advertisements may not be placed on the following:
          1. automobiles;
          2. newspapers racks;

            Commercial signs affixed to a newspaper rack where the rack owner or college have been paid for the right to advertise on the rack are allowed.

          3. artwork or sculpture;
          4. marquees or canopy located at the entrance of any campus building; and
          5. existing college signage or
        3. Sidewalk chalk may be used on walkways with approval.
        4. Special Rules for Advertisements or Posted Materials on Lawn or Grass
          1. All stakes must be no more than two feet from sidewalks.
          2. No stakes may be used in grass strips between double sidewalks.
          3. No laminated posters are allowed on the ground.
          4. No rebar stakes or solid metal posts are allowed.
        5. Helium balloons may be used in outside areas instead of posted materials or
      4. Special Rules for Freestanding Signage.
        1. After approval, an entity using freestanding signage must comply with the following requirements:
          1. The department, organization, or person must display name and contact information on the signage.
          2. It must clearly display the date of an event and expiration date stamp.
          3. It must not block or obstruct a walkway, entrance, or exit of a building.
          4. It must be removed within 24 hours after the Signage erected for a weekend event must be removed on the following Monday or next regular business day.
      5. Commercial Materials
        1. Any commercial materials or advertisements must be displayed in accordance with this policy and the college's Sales and Sponsorship Policies.
        2. Any non-college entity which seeks to advertise a publication using a physically placed rack or another such container for the publication on college property must execute a contract regarding such distribution.
      6. Remedies or Redress for Violation-Assessment of Reasonable Cost of Cleanup or Repair of Damage
        1. Any member of the college community has the authority to remove materials not properly approved or posted consistent with this policy.
        2. The college has the authority to enforce this policy and collect reasonable costs related to damages of college property, litter collection expenses, or cost for cleanup of abandoned materials in violation of this policy. The college may recover these reasonable costs by:
          1. withholding monies budgeted;
          2. withholding money due to a responsible individual or entity; or
          3. seeking restitution through civil or criminal judicial
        3. The college may also pursue disciplinary proceedings under the Code of Student of Rights and Responsibilities for students or student organizations that violate this policy.
        4. The college may pursue corrective action against faculty or staff who violate this policy.
      7. Exceptions to the Policy
        1. Exceptions to this policy may only be made upon approval by the vice president for Student Affairs and Enrollment Management. Any exceptions and the reasons for the exception will be documented in writing.

Date of last cabinet review: October 29, 2019

The originator of this policy & procedure is Student Affairs and Enrollment Management. Questions regarding this policy may be directed to the originator by calling 801-957-4284.