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Copyright Information

Copyright and intellectual property rights are critical issues in American education and a variety of copyright laws, agreements, and guidelines restrict substantially the liberties educators can take in using copyrighted materials for educational use. It is the responsibility of each member of the College community—faculty member, administrator, staff, and student--to use copyrighted materials legally and appropriately in the classroom, in research, and in meetings and presentations. The Copyright guidelines presented here are designed to assist College employees and students in determining how to best comply with current copyright laws and regulations.

Course Packets

Course packets may be compiled using the copyright guidelines below and may be sold through the College Store or distributed in class through a series of handouts. You must obtain copyright permission to use materials in these packets.

To facilitate the process of obtaining copyright, the College has a contract with the Copyright Clearance Center. The contract is administered by Raquel Torres in the College Store (801-957-5072). If you are compiling course materials that are copyrighted, or if you are unsure if they are copyrighted, please Ms. Torres for assistance.

Copyright Guidelines

The University of Texas has created a crash course in copyright that you may find useful in answering questions abut Fair Use, multi-media, and online presentations.

Intellectual Property Rights

As you prepare materials for use at the College, be aware that the College will hold the copyright to your work product. For information on acquiring intellectual property rights for yourself, please see the SLCC Intellectual Property Rights statement below.

Copyright Team

The purpose of the Copyright Team is to assist faculty, administrators, staff, and students in recognizing and respecting intellectual property rights. The team functions to help the College community maintain the highest standards for ethical conduct with respect to the correct and legal use of copyright-protected works. The members of the Copyright Team are listed below. Please contact them for assistance with copyright processes and questions.

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