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News Release and College Spokesperson

  1. Policy

    The college president and the director of Public Relations are the official spokespersons for the college. They will determine how official college news is released to the media to ensure consistency, accuracy, and integrity. They may choose to perform that function or delegate it as appropriate. Other officers or college employees asked by the media for comments or information must follow college procedure to approve a spokesperson.

    The director of Public Relations in the Institutional Marketing and Communications department must be the college contact for official news and information disseminated to the media through all communication channels, e.g., news releases, media alerts, public service announcements, incoming and outgoing media calls, or social media posts. Any documented occurrence in which this policy is not followed will be referred directly to the division leadership of that area.

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  4. Procedures
    1. The college president or director of Public Relations or their designee conveys the official college position on issues of general college-wide impact in a clear, timely, coordinated, and consistent manner.
    2. All inquiries from the media, on issues of college-wide impact or institutional significance, must be referred to the director of Public Relations.
    3. In cases of institutional significance to the college, the director of Public Relations must work with other college officials when issuing statements that detail facts and summarize the college's position.
    4. In a crisis or emergency, the director of Public Relations must handle all media contacts and coordinate information flow from the college to the public.
    5. The director of Public Relations must review all ideas for articles, awards, student profiles, or feature stories that positively portray the institution and its community work.
    6. The director of Public Relations must be notified if negative college media publications could rise to the level of a public news story.

Date of last cabinet review: May 23, 2023

The originator of this policy and procedure is the office of Institutional Advancement. Questions regarding this policy and procedure may be directed to the originator by calling 801-957-4103.