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Online Reporting Forms

Salt Lake Community College uses online reporting forms for Code of Student Rights and Responsibilities violations as well as other student conduct concerns, listed below. In the event of an emergency, please call 911.

Student Misconduct Reporting Form

This form may be used to report general student misconduct or Code of Student Rights and Responsibilities violations. If you are unsure what type of student conduct or Code violation has been committed, you may use this form to report any incidents.

Student of Concern (BIT) Reporting Form

This form may be used to report a student’s behavior that rises to a level of concern that may lead to disruption of classroom and/or College activity, or that causes concern of threat to oneself or others. Remember, in an emergency, please dial 911.

Sexual Misconduct Reporting Form

This form may be used by any person to report an incident involving an alleged violation by a student, staff or faculty member of the SLCC Sexual Misconduct Policy (sexual harassment, sexual assault, gender-based harassment, intimate partner violence, domestic violence, and stalking) or Sexual Harassment Avoidance Policy. This report form can be utilized by students, staff or faculty wishing to file a report on their own behalf or by anyone wishing to file a report on behalf of any person aggrieved by a member of the college community.

Academic Misconduct Violation Reporting Form

This form may be used by SLCC faculty members to report academic misconduct such as cheating, plagiarism, data misrepresentation, and unauthorized access as defined in the Code of Student Rights and Responsibilities. This Academic Misconduct Violation Form provides guidance to instructors, ensures minimum due process requirements are met, and allows for the tracking of repeat offenders at the College level.

Free Expression Event Request

Salt Lake Community College values academic freedom and supports and encourages the exchange of ideas within the college community, including ideas that may be unpopular or controversial. At the same time, the college encourages civility and has the obligation to address issues of safety and illegal acts. This form may be used by any person to request an event regarding free expression.

Student Complaint Form

This form may be used to file a complaint not covered under another SLCC policy and procedure to the Dean of Students office. The Dean of Students office will transfer a complaint to the appropriate college department if another college policy governs the complaint.

Students should discuss the matter in question with the appropriate SLCC department or employee most directly involved as a first step.

Bias Incident Reporting Form

Salt Lake Community College (SLCC) is committed to fostering a safe and welcoming campus for all students, faculty and staff; in turn, it is the responsibility of each person at SLCC to join in creating an environment in which others can thrive without fear of bias. This form may be used to make the College aware of any incidents of bias.