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Explore our World Languages program at SLCC to gain a deeper understanding of the world; connect with people from different backgrounds; and prepare for a globalized future. Join us on a transformative journey of discovery and become a proficient, culturally aware global citizen. SLCC offers language courses in Arabic, Chinese, French, Italian, Japanese, Nahuatl, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Vietnamese.

Why study Languages?


Learning languages in college offers students a passport to a world of opportunities and advantages.

  • Culture, identity, and community.Becoming bilingual or multilingual gives us invaluable insights regarding identity, perception, and culture, and helps us bridge cultural divides, and build meaningful connections with diverse communities.
  • Employability and Higher Salaries.Language skills enhance career prospects, as they are highly sought after by employers in an increasingly globalized job market. Currently, bilingual employees can earn 5-20% more than their monolingual counterparts and enjoy more job opportunities, as 88% of job recruiters say bilingualism is critical to business success.
  • Brain Power.Learning a language boosts cognition making you develop empathy and score higher in tests. Additionally, it can delay Alzheimer’s diseases by 5 years and diminish its effects, and give you double the likelihood of maintaining complete brain functionality after a stroke.


Dr. Diogo Cosme (
Language Coordinator, Assistant Professor of Spanish.

Have you studied a language before? Take a placement test to know where to start.

More information: SLCC Center for Languages Website

What Languages do you want to study with us?


Arabic is a captivating and ancient language with a rich history dating back centuries. Known for its beautifully intricate script and widespread use across the Middle East and North Africa.

ARB 1010 - Beginning Arabic I
ARB 1020 - Beginning Arabic II (LN)
ARB 1300 - Beginning Conversation/Arabic
ARB 2010 - Intermediate Arabic I
ARB 2020 - Intermediate Arabic II


The Chinese language, with its fascinating characters and tonal structure, is a window into one of the world's most ancient and culturally diverse societies. Learning it opens opportunities to connect with over a billion people.

CHI 1010 - First Semester Chinese
CHI 1020 - Second Semester Chinese (LN)
CHI 2010 - Third Semester Chinese
CHI 2020 - Forth Semester Chinese


Learning French not only unlocks access to the beautifully melodic and widely spoken language of diplomacy, and love but also immerses you in a world of exquisite cuisine, world-renowned art, and a rich heritage that has left an indelible mark on the global stage.

FRN 1010 - First Semester French
FRN 1020 - Second Semester French (LN)
FRN 2010 - Third Semester French
FRN 2020 - Fourth Semester French


The Italian language, with its melodious sound and poetic expressiveness, is a gateway to a culture steeped in history, art, and culinary excellence back from the Roman empire to its current tourism, fashion, and sports influence.

ITL 1010 - Beginning Italian
IITL 1020 - Beginning Italian II (LN)
ITL 2010 - Intermediate Italian I
ITL 2020 - Intermediate Italian II


Join our Japanese language and delve into a culture known for its deep traditions, technological innovations, and artistic excellence. Learning Japanese offers the opportunity to connect with a society that beautifully blends ancient customs with modern advancements, making it a window to a unique and multifaceted world.

JPN 1010 - First Semester Japanese
JPN 1020 - Second Semester Japanese (LN)
JPN 1300 - Beginning Conversation
JPN 1900 - Special Studies in Japanese
JPN 2010 - Third Semester Japanese
JPN 2020 - Fourth Semester Japanese
JPN 2300 - Conversation
JPN 2900 - Special Topics in Japanese


Nahuatl is a historically significant language, spoken by the Aztec civilization, known for its complex hieroglyphic script and cultural contributions, including the calendar and chocolate. Exploring Nahuatl language and culture offers a fascinating journey into the ancient roots of Mesoamerica and the enduring influence of the Aztec civilization.

NHTL 1010 - First Semester Nahuatl
NHTL 1020 - Second Semester Nahuatl (LN)


Portuguese, with its musical cadence and global presence, is a key to unlocking the vibrant culture and history of Brazil, Angola, Mozambique, Portugal, and more. Learning Portuguese connects you to rich traditions, from the mesmerizing rhythms of Brazilian samba to the historical explorations of Portuguese navigators, and the cuisine, music and religions of Africa.

POR 1010 - Beginning Portuguese I
POR 1020 - Beginning Portuguese II (LN)
POR 2010 - Intermediate Portuguese I
POR 2020 - Intermediate Portuguese II


The Russian language, known for its distinct Cyrillic script and expressive nature, provides access to the vast and multifaceted world of Russian culture. Learning Russian not only enables you to delve into the rich literary tradition of Tolstoy and Dostoevsky but also immerse yourself in the intriguing history, art, and global influence of this diverse and resilient nation.

RUS 1010 - Beginning Russian I
RUS 1020 - Beginning Russian II (LN)
RUS 2010 - Intermediate Russian I
RUS 2020 - Intermediate Russian II

Spanish for Novice and Intermediate Speakers

Embark on a transformative journey through the Spanish-speaking world. Learn the language's melodious nuances, and gain insight into the Hispanic culture, from the pages of Cervantes to the beauty of the Amazon rainforest and Andean mountains, while equipping yourself with a valuable skill for international communication.

SPN 1010 - First Semester Spanish
SPN 1020 - Second Semester Spanish (LN)
SPN 2010 - Third Semester Spanish
SPN 2020 - Fourth Semester Spanish

Spanish for Advanced and Native Speakers

Our Advanced Spanish courses help those who (a) grew up in a Spanish speaking household, (b) studied Spanish before, or (c) spent time in a Spanish-speaking country to (re)connect with the cultural and linguistic roots of Spanish. Our courses will enhance your proficiency, cultural awareness, and sense of identity within the Hispanic world.

SPN 2040 – Spanish for Spanish Speakers
SPN 2800 – Medical Spanish
INTL 2240 (Español) – Latin American Studies (taught in Spanish)


Vietnamese is a tonal language with a distinctive script, opening doors to the rich culture of Vietnam. Learning Vietnamese allows you to delve into a world of history, traditions, and the resilient spirit of a nation marked by a fascinating past and a promising future.

VIET 1010 - First Semester Vietnamese
VIET 1020 - Second Semester Vietnamese (LN)

Fulfilling requirements.Completing through the fourth semester (e.g., Italian 2020, or Arabic 2020) at SLCC will meet the B.A. requirement at most of Utah’s 4-year colleges and universities (and many outside of Utah as well). The courses cost less at SLCC, and having the language requirement done before you transfer will free up more time for the more advanced courses in your major.

$15,000 FLAS Scholarship at the University of Utah. Taking Arabic, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese, and Nahuatl at SLCC will make you eligible to apply for a FLAS Scholarship when transferring to the University of Utah (or any other institution offering this scholarship) and receive $10,000 for tuition and a $5,000 living stipend.

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