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Campus Fund Accounts

Your OneCard is capable of having multiple fund accounts that can only be used at SLCC campuses. Each campus fund account may have restrictions as to where it can be used as well as if you are able to add/remove your own money to that account.  Bruin Bucks is your main on-campus fund account, which is accepted everywhere on campus! 

All Campus Fund Accounts are accessed using the thicker black magstripe on the OneCard, and is the recommended method of payment on campus. You may receive discounts and or other incentives when using Bruin bucks (black thick magstripe) at various retail locations on campus.

The Campus Fund Accounts are:

Bruin Bucks

Bruin Bucks is the general fund account for all SLCC student, staff, and faculty. Bruin Bucks is an optional non-interest bearing account. You can use Bruin bucks at the following locations on campus, many of which offer a variety of incentives and or discounts.

  • Bookstore
  • Library
  • Quick Stop
  • Printing Services (Copy Centers)
  • Cashiering Locations (for tuition and fee payments etc)
  • Computer labs (pay per print)
  • Lifetime Activities Center
  • Testing Services
  • Mail Services
  • Certain event locations

To check your Bruin Bucks account balance or deposit money onto your Bruin Bucks, you can visit a OneCard self-deposit machine in the Student Center or Library on the Redwood campus, the High Tech Center building at Jordan campus, the MFEC building at Miller, and near the food court at South campus. You may also go online and add funds to your Bruin Bucks account through our eAccounts portal.

You can request a withdrawal from these funds at any time.  Visit and ID center location for more information.


This fund is automatically deposited onto your OneCard each semester. This is virtual money and is only used to allow each student 50 free pages of prints per semester. The amount is reset each semester, there is no rollover. NOTE: This fund is only available at computer lab locations. You will need to use Bruin Bucks to have copies or prints made at any Copy Center.

You can visit a OneCard self-deposit machine (locations listed in the previous section) or through eAccounts to check your Uniprint account balance. You cannot deposit money onto this account—it is a virtual account to allow you 50 free pages of prints. This fund is nonrefundable

Unclaimed OneCard Balances

OneCard campus funds with no activity for one year will be considered abandoned and will escheat to the State of Utah. A service charge of $20 will be assessed against the card balance.