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Lost or Stolen Card

Lost Cards Procedure

OneCards reported lost or stolen will be deactivated, and it only takes seconds to deactivate your account.   Note:  All purchases debited to the account prior to notification will be the responsibility of the cardholder.  Upon notification, a replacement card can then be issued to you for $20. 

If your OneCard is lost or stolen and it is after regular business hours, you need to:  Log into eAccounts and you can deactivate and report your card stolen from there.  

Replacement Cards

Replacement Cards are issued for damaged, lost or stolen cards at any ID center location. The option of taking a new picture will be offered at that time. There will be a $20 replacement fee for lost, stolen or mutilated cards. When you initially come to any ID Center, you may ask them to check their lost and found as well as call the other locations if you think you may have lost it at another campus.  The replacement fee will be waived if your card was stolen and you bring in a copy of a filed police report. Once replaced, the old OneCard cannot be reactivated or reused. If you find the old card please destroy it so that you don't confuse the two cards.