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How To Use Your OneCard

OneCards are accepted as methods of payment at most points of sale across SLCC campuses, exceptions include Parking Services and the Health and Counseling Center. OneCards are also accepted forms of identification on campus and can grant you access to SLCCSA sponsored events and SLCC Athletic events.

Onecard Accounts

There are multiple accounts on a student’s OneCard, the primary being Bruin Bucks. Bruin Bucks are real dollars deposited onto your card. Money can be deposited into your Bruin Bucks account at Cashiering, the ID Centers (credit and debit cards only), and at Self-Service PHIL machines.

Uniprint is another account on your card, these funds are provided to each enrolled student each semester for the purpose of printing at on-campus computer labs. SLCC provides $3.50 to each enrolled student each semester which is good for 50 regular printed pages.

COVID-19 Update

The $10 incentive program for students to be tested on campus has ended. Students had until the end of June 2022 to use their incentive funds. All of which expired on July 1, 2022.

Different Cards

There are multiple variations of OneCards in circulation. Our current and most recent card is shown below. This card will work normally at all locations for access, payments and identification.


The Blue & White card is our current OneCard. These cards contain NFC payment chips that may be tapped at the point of sale as well as a MiFare chip used for tapping on/off UTA bus and train services (see UTA Transit Pass page).


Yellow MasterCard OneCards are still common and in circulation. There is no need to get a new card if yours is functioning properly. The primary difference is this card was once linked to a MasterCard account, SLCC these accounts were deactivated in 2018. Any funds that remained on the cards were issued by check back to the student sent to the address on file. Any funds left from uncashed checks was transferred to the State of Utah as unclaimed.


These yellow OneCards are still functional. Make sure to use the wide black magnetic strip on the back as the thinner or metallic will not work.


Blue Discover OneCards have been discontinued. Similarly to the MasterCard OneCard above, the Discover account was closed and funds returned to the student. If you still have one of these old cards, you can stop by an ID Center for a replacement.


Light Blue Bruin OneCards are no longer issued. These cards contained an internal chip that could be programed for door access. Some long-time employees still have these cards, contact the Key Office for a replacement key fob.

Contactless Chip

Bruin Tap and Go

Your OneCard has an embedded contactless chip that is encoded to use on campus at locations that allow you to pay for things with your Bruin Bucks or other OneCard funds simply by tapping the reader. Look for this symbol on contactless readers by the register to tap and go.

The OneCard can also be your UTA bus & TRAX pass. You will use the embedded chip for this service as well. It is important that you do not misuse or punch a hole into your OneCard as it could damage the internal chip causing the card to not work. You will be charged the $20 replacement fee for replacing a purposefully damaged OneCard.