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Parking FAQ

Parking Permit & Citation FAQ

You will need your vehicle make, color and license plate. Ensuring your license plate is accurate on your parking account is very important as your parking permissions are tied to your license plate.

Virtual annual, semester, and daily permits may be purchased online. Ensure License Plate information is correct. License Plates entered incorrectly may result in a ticket.

Salt Lake Community College (SLCC) utilizes vehicle license plate recognition (LPR) hardware and software for its parking system. LPR technology specifically connects campus-parking permits to individual vehicle license plates. These technology improvements significantly enhance and simplify the customer experience, enforcement, and parking lot utilization analysis.

Entering your vehicle information correctly is vital to the LPR system. If you enter your license plate number incorrectly, you may be subject to a parking ticket. Please double check your information to make sure it is correct. Note: Utah license plates will always default to the number zero. Do NOT use the letter 'O' in your Utah license plate number or you can receive a citation due to an incorrect plate.

Pay stations are available in various lots around campus. You may also come to the Parking Services office, or contact us by phone, to purchase a permit. Parking Service is located on the Taylorsville Redwood Campus at the GFSB Building 103 in Suite 103. Permits are also available through the Parking Services drive-up window at the same location.

If your vehicle does not have license plates yet, and has a temporary tag, contact the Parking Services office at 801-957-4011. It is imperative that your license plate and vehicle information is current and correct in order to avoid an unnecessary ticket. Once you get your permanent license plates, update your account before you park.

Individuals are allowed to add a “Temporary Replacement”; this includes loaner vehicles and rental cars. It is important that you add temporary vehicles to your permit prior to parking on-campus and remove them from your account as soon as your use of the vehicle has ended.

No, you may only park one vehicle per permit on campus a day. Individuals who park more than one vehicle with only one parking permit permission on campus on the same day are subject to a parking ticket.

Coin meters and pay areas are subject to the hourly or daily rate for the parking lot associated with the fee area. Student, Faculty/Staff, daily, monthly or special permits are not valid to park in these locations unless the hourly or daily rate has been paid.

Citations not paid within 7 days of the issue date will receive a late fee. Any vehicle with an outstanding ticket is subject to a vehicle wheel boot. When a vehicle wheel boot is placed on the vehicle, it will not be removed until all the associated fines are paid in full.

Citations need to be paid in full prior to submitting an appeal. Appeals may only be submitted within 25 days of the citation issue date. Appeal forms are available online. An appeal officer will review your submission and notify you of the results via email within 7 to 10 business days. Extra fees applied from unpaid fines are non-refundable, even if your appeal is successful, only the original fine amount will be refunded.

SLCC Parking Services is a self-supported department within the Finance and Administration Department and does not receive federal, state, grant or tuition funding. Revenue for capital projects, maintenance, and operations comes solely from parking fees and fines.