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Registration Appeals

A Registration Appeal may be an option if a student has experienced extenuating circumstances that were beyond their control and prevented them from completing a course or dropping/withdrawing within the published deadline (see Academic Calendar). We understand that life happens so students can appeal by providing documentation to prove their extenuating circumstance and how it was out of their control.

A completed Registration Appeals Form, a personal statement along with appropriate supportive documentation must be provided. A separate appeal is required for each semester. A maximum of three appeals may be granted during a student’s SLCC academic career. Appeals are granted for exceptional circumstances and are not guaranteed approval.

Appeals will automatically be denied for the following:

  • Undergraduate courses that received an A through D- grade and Salt Lake Technical College courses that received an MC grade
  • Courses that are older than five years
  • Guest students
  • Appeals submitted without proper documentation.

Types of Appeals

Request to withdraw from a class beyond withdrawal deadlines based on extenuating circumstance. Withdrawn courses remain on the student’s transcript as a "W" but do not affect the GPA. Withdrawn courses do not receive any kind of tuition adjustment.

Important Note: Any appeal received after one year of the appealing semester are eligible for a withdraw only.

Request to drop from a class beyond drop deadlines based on extenuating circumstances. Dropped courses do not appear on the student’s transcript and will receive a tuition adjustment which may impact the student’s financial aid.

Important Note: To be eligible to drop from courses, appeals must be received within one year of the appealing semester. Offsite fees for Continuing Education courses cannot be adjusted.

Filing a Registration appeal

Students with financial aid, veteran’s benefits, or have an international student status must meet with the applicable department for a “sign-off”. Students are responsible for asking the applicable department to submit a Registration Appeal Sign-Off form on the student’s behalf.

Last dates of attendance (LDA) are required for all students submitting appeals for the current semester. Students are responsible for asking their instructor to submit a Last Dates of Attendance form on the student’s behalf.

Personal Statement

The personal statement must be a brief explanation of why the student is appealing. If a student passed a course(s) and failed the other(s) during the appealing semester, an explanation should be provided.

Exceptional Circumstances and Required Documentation

Generally, exceptions are made only in those cases where events affecting enrollment are nonrecurring, catastrophic, life-threatening and beyond the student’s control. Regardless of the circumstance, documentation must be provided with current dates and are pertaining to the term in question.

Examples of Extenuating Circumstances and the Required Documentation:

A student or a student’s immediate family member experienced an incapacitating illness or medical event which prevented the student from attending or participating in class(es) for a minimum time period. Only the following immediate family members can be considered: a grandparent, parent, child, sibling, spouse or domestic partner.

Minimum Documentation Required: Completed Medical Verification Form
Important Note: We do not accept medical records.

Change in work schedule during the appealing semester as required by the student’s employer.

Minimum Documentation Required: Completed Employment Verification Form
Important Note: Registration Appeals submitted for online courses due to an employment conflict may not qualify.

Involuntarily terminated by employer during the appealing semester.

Minimum Documentation Required: A copy of discharge papers or record of unemployment.

Active military duty during appealing semester.

Minimum Documentation Required: A copy of official military orders. (see Veterans Affairs if receiving benefits)

Death of an immediate family member. Only the following immediate family members can be considered: the death of a grandparent, parent, child, sibling, spouse or domestic partner.

Minimum Documentation Required: A copy of obituary or death certificate.
Important Note: The personal statement should indicate the student’s relationship to the deceased.

The student experienced a divorce during the appealing semester.

Minimum Documentation Required: A copy of divorce decree or a signed and dated letter from attorney on letterhead.

Involuntarily relocating place of residence during the appealing semester.

Minimum Documentation Required: A signed letter from proper official detailing notice of involuntary location (e.g. Eviction, job transfer).

The following are not considered exceptional circumstances:

  • Over-commitment
  • Inability to pay tuition
  • Misunderstanding deadlines or policies
  • Difficult course material
  • Change in career or major goals
  • Non-attendance
  • Academic Concern - as noted in the Student Code, a student may make a formal complaint to the faculty member or go directly to the Department or Division Chair. See Code of Student Rights and Responsibilities.


Appeals are reviewed by a representative of the Office of the Registrar and Academic Records with support from an Appeals Committee which includes representation from Academic Advising, Accounts Receivable, Financial Aid, Disability Resource Center, International, and Veterans departments. The decision is emailed to the SLCC Bruinmail account within 2-4 weeks.

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