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BruinMail Policy

As a registered and admitted student at SLCC, you’re given a free BruinMail email account on the Microsoft 365 platform.

  • Bruinmail is the College's official means of communication with you.
  • You’re expected to check your BruinMail frequently and read emails in a timely fashion, and to recognize time-critical communications.
  • You must ensure your account has sufficient space to allow for delivery.
  • You won’t be held responsible for an interruption or malfunction in your BruinMail (e.g., power outages or email viruses).
  • BruinMail may not be used for unlawful activities.
  • Faculty may communicate with you via BruinMail.
  • You’re expected to comply with course requirements sent via BruinMail.
  • Faculty must exercise caution when including sensitive data, such as grades, in email messages.
  • If you choose to forward your BruinMail to a different account, you’re responsible to ensure receipt of official SLCC emails.
  • SLCC is not responsible for lost or deleted emails due to account closures, storage restrictions or other inhibitors to receiving emails.