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Student Travel Procedure

This process pertains to all out-of-state, in-state, and same-day travel, outside of Athletics and Study Away programs. This includes:

  • Participation at a conference
  • Academic or club related competitions
  • Retreats
  • Other College or Class-related travel with SLCC students

The process for initiating a student travel request is identified below. These steps should be completed by a staff or faculty member. Please use this Powerpoint Presentation as a guide while you complete each step.


This process is time intensive and should be completed by a staff/faculty member. Give yourself plenty of time to gather information, book travel, and submit the pre-approval travel form. Here are the recommended minimum timelines to begin the student travel process:

  • Out-of-state travel: Begin no later than 45 days in advance.
  • In-state travel (including overnight stays): Begin no later than 30 days in advance.
  • Same-day travel: Begin no later than 7 days in advance.

Step 1: Determine the need for purchasing cards and approved drivers

Staff/faculty need to apply for a purchasing card (p-card) that will be used to arrange travel and make appropriate purchases while traveling overnight or out-of-state. Apply for a purchasing card in eTrieve through MySLCC.

For same-day travel, staff/faculty can check out a p-card using the Thayne Center Purchasing Request procedure or they can use their own p-card.

Staff/faulty who would like to rent an SLCC vehicle for out-of-state, in-state, or same-day travel must be an authorized driver. Visit the Motor Pool and Fleet website for details on how to become an authorized driver; you can rent a Motor Pool vehicle in Step 4 of this procedure.

Step 2: Submit a Chrome River pre-approval and obtain a T number

For same-day travel, please proceed to Step 3. If the group is traveling out-of-state or overnight, the staff/faculty advisor must use Chrome River to create pre-approvals; one for each Staff/Faculty advisor traveling and one for the student group. You will need to prepare a rough draft of your budget for this step. You can follow along in this Powerpoint Presentation for a step-by-step guide on how to do this. For a more detailed walk-through regarding pre-approvals in Chrome River, contact the Purchasing Office or refer to the Chrome River ManualIf you are traveling with a club and your Chrome River pre-approval is rejected, please contact Thayne Center Coordinator for Business Operations at

Step 3: Book flights, lodging, and transportation


Once your pre-approval is approved in Chrome River, you will receive a T number which *should be used to book flights with Corporate Travel Planners (CTP), a travel agency that specializes in booking travel for groups.

You can *call or email CTP to help you organize travel.


*If a CTP staff member asks you for your credit card, let them know that you have a Travel Authorization code (your T number), and that the college has a credit card on file.


For out-of-state travel, staff/faculty *should use CTP to book hotel rooms for student groups. If you would like to stay in an AirBnb, VRBO, hostel, etc. use your p-card to book lodging for your student group.

For overnight or same-day travel, use your p-card to make lodging reservations.


For out-of-state travel where the group will be flying, staff/faculty *should use CTP to book a rental vehicle. Staff/faculty can also use their p-card to pay for ground transportation (Uber, Lyft, Bus Fare, Trax, etc.)

For staff/faculty who want to drive a SLCC vehicle for out-of-state, overnight, or same-day travel, visit the Motor Pool and Fleet for details on how to become an authorized driver. You can rent a Motor Pool vehicle in the next step (Step 4).

*Please note that staff/faculty may use a p-card to book flights, lodging, and transportation if you find a better price online (e.g., using Google flights) but you will need to upload your CTP quote in Chrome River when you reconcile your purchasing card.

Step 4: Prepare and upload your finalized travel plans to Campus Groups

Give yourself plenty of time to complete the following templates prior to beginning this step. Here are the recommended minimum timelines to submit your final travel plans in Campus Groups:

  • Out-of-state travel: Upload and submit at least 30 days in advance.
  • In-state travel/Overnight: Upload and submit at least 14 days in advance.
  • Same-day travel: Upload and submit at least 7 days in advance.

4a) Sign in to Campus Groups using your MySLCC login credentials then click on the following links to download and complete the required templates for your trip:

  • List of travelers
  • Detailed itinerary
    • Provide flight numbers.
    • Provide lodging information.
    • Give a minute-to-minute breakdown of all planned activities and destinations (conference locations, restaurants, rest stops, etc.).

4b) Open and complete the Finalized Student Travel Itinerary and upload your list of travelers and detailed itinerary. You can also order pre-paid debit cards for student meals and rent a Motor Pool vehicle in this form.

4c) Your Student Pre-Travel Approval form will be reviewed by the following groups:

  • Thayne Center: Process routing to partner offices and order pre-paid debit cards for student meals.
  • Motorpool: Check reservations for SLCC vehicles or recommend 3rd party vendors.
  • Risk Management: Assess risk and recommend changes to prevent liability, including driver approval verification.
  • Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs & Enrollment Management: Document and review all travel.

Staff/faculty will receive an email update from Campus Groups within 5 days of your submission. Please call 801-957-4555 if you have not received an email in that time.

Step 5: Ensure all travel waivers are submitted

There are separate travel waivers for SLCC Advisors/Faculty/Staff and Students.

  • Out-of-state: No less than 10 days prior to your trip.
  • In-state/Overnight: No less than 10 days prior to your trip.
  • Same-Day: No less than 3 days prior to your trip.

Step 6: Within ten (10) days of returning, staff/faculty must reconcile travel expenses in Chrome River

If you need assistance, you can watch this YouTube video created by Purchasing for a walk-through on how to reconcile expenses in Chrome River. You can fast forward to 39:27 for the reconciliation portion of this training.

You can find training all training materials for Chrome River on SLCC's Purchasing Website.

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