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Scholarships and Tuition Waivers

Presidential Scholarship

The Presidential Leadership Scholarship is a two year program that includes:

  • Tuition and student fee waiver
  • $200 book allowance per year


  • full-time enrollment of 12 credits or more
  • 10 hours per week in the office
  • a continuing 3.0 GPA
  • service involvement 

Recipients of this award must be involved in SLCC's Student Life and Leadership

International or Undocumented Student Tuition Waiver

If you're ineligible for residency due to your immigration status, you may qualify for resident tuition rates under the HB 144 Waiver.

You must have attended a Utah high school for three or more years and graduated, or have attained the equivalent, such as a GED in Utah.

To apply for this waiver:

Western Undergraduate Exchange Program (WUE) 

If you live in on of 15 participating western states, you can apply to be a part of the SLCC WUE program and pay reduced tuition while maintaining residency in your home state. For more information, visit WUE.