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Advising Recognition

The Advising Recognition Committee has created an awards process to recognize Academic Advising Staff at SLCC for the outstanding service they have provided to students, the department, and the SLCC community. The goal of these awards is to bring to light the amazing work done in Academic Advising but also to serve as an official avenue to nominate our advisors and staff for external awards through professional development organizations such as UAA (Utah Advising Association) and NACADA (National Academic Advising Association) as well as other SLCC Awards processes. Below are the opportunities for recognition this committee is offering and their criteria:


Nominations for the First Annual Awards are open from May 20, 2024 to June 20, 2024. Nominated staff will then be notified and will have until July 19, 2024 to accept their nomination and submit the required documentation.

Nominate an Academic Advising Staff Member


Information Coming Soon!

Current Advising Recognition Committee Members

Chair: Tyler Barber (reach out at with questions about this process)

Co-Chair: Anni Tedder (non-voting member)

Member: Nicole Jones

Member: Steph Lloyd

Recipients (Coming Soon)

2024 - 2025

Advisor of the Year – TBD

New Advisor of the Year – TBD

Support Staff of the Year – TBD

August – TBD

September – TBD

October – TBD

November – TBD

December – TBD

January – TBD

February – TBD

March – TBD

April – TBD

May – TBD

June – TBD

July – TBD